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12 paź 2020
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  • Mom:what would you like your cake to be? Child:Cheese Mom: Honey but cheese is not a cake flavor Child: C H E E S E M O T H E R

    Smoll bean and sad bean ;-;Smoll bean and sad bean ;-;16 godzin temu
  • 5:00 *the cult leader would smile**

    Gianna PruseGianna Pruse17 godzin temu
  • who wants to tell lexy or however you spell his name they werent cocoa beans.....

    RobloxForDayzRobloxForDayz19 godzin temu
  • 11:30 Jesus Titan, the most powerful shifter of them all

    CruxCrux23 godzin temu
  • *Z U M P*

    Sean FosterSean FosterDzień temu
  • I think the shiny fabric you forgot was latex

    i like stuff so yeahi like stuff so yeahDzień temu
  • Cryptozoology lesson: it's pronounced Klül-Hloo.

    Gustavs BeļskisGustavs BeļskisDzień temu
  • Thank you I feel nice because of that intro. :D

    Jacob SmithJacob SmithDzień temu
  • 14:48 sounds like 2 army’s of totally accurate battle simulator units fighting eachother

    JoetheknightJoetheknightDzień temu
  • Who’s your favorite person from EmKay? Mine is Lexi bc he is just so cheery

    littlelucky12littlelucky12Dzień temu
  • This channel isn’t funny without Damien

    Charlie OnealCharlie OnealDzień temu
  • I hate the drog

    the scat man skibidibapboombadapthe scat man skibidibapboombadapDzień temu
  • Tifhi Thanks I Freaking Hate It

    Tactical_Nuke05Tactical_Nuke052 dni temu
  • 7:57 can some one tell me the meme name or who is she

    Pro NightPro Night2 dni temu
  • I keep seeing this in the corner of my eye and I think I'm going to have nightmares of the thumbnail

    Serenity KittySerenity Kitty2 dni temu
  • It’s a TicTac‘s what pizza well guess who want to try pizza ticTac‘s

    Ceiling 1Ceiling 12 dni temu
  • 5:16 The wing tattoo looks like eyebrows

    Hudson BakerHudson Baker2 dni temu
  • When I saw the "tix" bar I immediately thought of roblox

    Jack WilliamsJack Williams3 dni temu
  • lol

    luckyretsluckyrets3 dni temu
  • i thoght the zombie spider was a marshmello for a sec now i regret EVERYTHING

    Marit RiceBarrMarit RiceBarr3 dni temu
  • 1:08 uhh- i'll take the Tic Tac's qvq

    Crystal Star The FoxCrystal Star The Fox3 dni temu
  • 6:40 cyan sus

    Cool Bros Play MinecraftCool Bros Play Minecraft3 dni temu
  • 5:52 MMMMMMMMMMM *z i n a*

    e g g s WOFe g g s WOF3 dni temu
  • 11:44 dude be looking like that flat fish from spongebob

    PanPan3 dni temu
  • i have something to admit I LOVE RANCH any type of food i have with ranch such as staek,salad,pork chops/pork, bacon, fish,ribs,turkey,sausages,beef, burgers, all of these and more i haved with ranch it kinda runs in the family my cousin brooke and my brother quentin LOVE ranch as well

    Madalynn RaittMadalynn Raitt4 dni temu
  • 0:00 it’s my fav part

    ThatODDGuy SirThatODDGuy Sir4 dni temu
  • Ni

    Teresa LTeresa L4 dni temu

    FayGhostFayGhost5 dni temu
  • When You accydantaly combine the wrong people: Z U M P

    Denis GodonoagaDenis Godonoaga5 dni temu
  • Zump

    Christian McGuaneChristian McGuane5 dni temu
  • I've had tic tac pizza it was amazing

    Srr. NightmareSrr. Nightmare5 dni temu
  • The Zump was actually kinda wholesome

    no shank youno shank you5 dni temu
  • Next: tooth stabilizers

    Richie ValentineRichie Valentine5 dni temu
  • 6:28 These are bugs that bite into your flesh, i hope that helps- It has a similar name, so that's why it's "cursed"

    Plague DoctorPlague Doctor6 dni temu

    JackofAll TradesJackofAll Trades6 dni temu
  • Phineas looks like a goldfish

    Holowolfie GtvHolowolfie Gtv6 dni temu
  • Shibbbhub.com is real look at it

    Sea_GamesSea_Games6 dni temu
  • 3:05 sans x1000

    Bruce IceBruce Ice7 dni temu
  • Z U M P Z U M P Z U M P

    t2llørant2lløran7 dni temu
  • You know chickens are actually real cannibals if they get the chance to get it.

    Deutscher AlphaDeutscher Alpha7 dni temu
  • The sheep dog was wearing a lil coat

  • Giraffe dog... GOG

    The Crunch Bunch! Incredibox, Roblox, MSM, and MoreThe Crunch Bunch! Incredibox, Roblox, MSM, and More8 dni temu
  • 14:01 obviously being sarcastic if you didn't see the asexual flag in his pfp he wouldn't frack anything or anyone

    Katie MooreKatie Moore8 dni temu
  • 11:58 It’s a stiger

    Julie GJulie G8 dni temu
  • on the first one i bleached my eyes

    D JD J9 dni temu
  • tobathcon

    D JD J9 dni temu
  • it is cthullu

    Kyron WKyron W9 dni temu
  • how to pronounce Adelaide ( Add EHH laid)

    lyric aficionadolyric aficionado9 dni temu
  • 1:13 I’m down to try all of them 🤣🤣

    Charlie DudeCharlie Dude9 dni temu
  • Why did i watch this while eating bacon and eggs

    P_A_Z_U_Z_UP_A_Z_U_Z_U9 dni temu
  • watch a video on a computer,put the clicker arrow on the video box,and hold space tab and see THE LOW INTERNET VOICE

    Will The FoxWill The Fox10 dni temu
  • Me: after seeing the Yoda one *loads short double barrel shotgun places it against roof of mouth*

    Cyberpunk rockstarCyberpunk rockstar10 dni temu
  • Hey Lexi! You won't read this but... I was looking through old downloaded memes in my phone and I found one of your old tweets and a reply but it bought joy to my day because it was from before I watched Emkay and just- yes. oki thxx

    Sour SkittlesSour Skittles10 dni temu
  • Super Zumpio 64.

    GERMANYGERMANY10 dni temu
  • 11:05 that's Cthulhu

    Joshua ThompsonJoshua Thompson10 dni temu
  • i love the intro

    Khwarizmi FaizalKhwarizmi Faizal11 dni temu

    Glass_ZzGlass_Zz11 dni temu
  • *this is actually agonizing*

    The Kazoo DoodThe Kazoo Dood12 dni temu
  • You’re actually good at singing 😌

    noodlebaby5000noodlebaby500012 dni temu
  • Taken

    Lisa DurrettLisa Durrett14 dni temu
  • Tooth bacon

    Succo ModeSucco Mode14 dni temu
  • with the disney charecter dog filter the person said the dogs look more f***able its funny bc the person pfp is the asexual flag

    Francesca WitherspoonFrancesca Witherspoon14 dni temu
  • This video is so horridly delightful

    ViperViper15 dni temu
  • My berderded dragon died resantly his name was watt

    Holy MagikarpHoly Magikarp15 dni temu
  • Borby bells, Borby bells, Blease kill them all!

    Tiffany GardnerTiffany Gardner15 dni temu
  • 2:49

    Deerman CrDeerman Cr16 dni temu
  • 9:54 this is just wholesome to me.

    ToastyCatToastyCat16 dni temu
  • The squirtle spitting blood is by dorkly, so you know it was going to be cursed

    CantthinkofausernameCantthinkofausername16 dni temu
  • 3:36 he pulled an oz and said skins to this

    CantthinkofausernameCantthinkofausername16 dni temu
  • 0:58 wouldnt the king be dead if the queen is infront of him

    Iffah NurdianIffah Nurdian17 dni temu
  • Lexi, about 4:26, chickens will eat dead chicks :/ They're awful cannibalistic beasts

    LirogonekLirogonek17 dni temu
  • No tix is a old currency in roblox and thats whats spilling out of the twix

    2VerySnowy2VerySnowy17 dni temu
  • Lexi said triple red 6:40

    chaels turnipchaels turnip19 dni temu
  • whenever someone says tehe- I think TIHI and smile to myself, then look like a psychopath for randomly zoning out an smiling to myself.

    Boop Da SnootBoop Da Snoot20 dni temu
  • The thing is are dark lord and savior Cthulhu

    Rslash agent From redditRslash agent From reddit20 dni temu
  • those dogs are cursed but the sound lexi made was only blursed

    Archer CroweArcher Crowe20 dni temu
  • i shouldnt watch it while eating food, i SHOULD NOT watch this while I am eating food ever again

    HerticateHerticate20 dni temu
  • Those were panorama pics not Photoshop, surprisingly

    bébé phoquebébé phoque21 dzień temu
  • 12:29 medieval pog

    Nikoloz SulakauriNikoloz Sulakauri22 dni temu
  • *violin performance major* *works in IT*

    Boiler OneBoiler One22 dni temu
  • I get that you dont nature but apparently you also dont read. Thems ain't coffee beans, Lexi

    Boiler OneBoiler One22 dni temu
  • See Mountain dew and milk dont mix regularly because of like some citric acid chemistry or something like that. It doesnt seem to be the same for things like root beer or colas; they just form a brownish milk that tastes like milky soda. Mtn dew creates this weird frothy foam when it mixes with milk and its fucking disgusting. I can only imagine how much worse this would be with cheesecake

    Boiler OneBoiler One22 dni temu
  • 4:21 that's literally the whole premise in Beastars and its fuckign awesome like give me that egg salad sandwich euphoria

    Boiler OneBoiler One22 dni temu
  • 0:59 but if the queen is one square away from the king, the king could capture her first. If the queen is two away, the knight could capture her if it is directly to the left (or right) of the king. The queen would be out of both of their reach if she were three squares away, but that doesnt seem to be the case

    Boiler OneBoiler One22 dni temu
  • Dentist: "We only did mouth cleaning and a cavity filling. She may be in slight pain for a while take tylenol when it hurts really bad and make sure to stick to soft food for a week." What it felt like: *thumbnail*

    Stevie BobbittStevie Bobbitt22 dni temu
  • *S N A T*

    Firey LeafyFirey Leafy22 dni temu
  • Hi

    Mika 06Mika 0622 dni temu
  • 10:50 my brother unironically likes the dog hot

    keo kawasakikeo kawasaki23 dni temu
  • Hey Lexi my name is Lexi too

    Sapphire daisySapphire daisy23 dni temu
  • 14:06 cursed comment aside, that’s actually a pretty cool filter ngl

    ilikemetroidvaniasilikemetroidvanias24 dni temu
  • Did you get fired? I have not seen a vid with you.

    DinoDino24 dni temu
  • 9:51 _WOAH NELLIE_

    Karma PlayzKarma Playz26 dni temu
  • 11:06 me : kathooloo that's fucking kathooloo bro I'm dead

    Richard RidenourRichard Ridenour27 dni temu
  • 4:24 fun fact, yes chickens will eat their own kin

    DeadlocalDeadlocal27 dni temu
  • 3:12 i think its pronounced like adalaide with an a

    Cup CatCup Cat27 dni temu
  • 2:25 actually I believe one horse has around 15 horsepower

    Cup CatCup Cat27 dni temu
  • 1:21 i like to make salad dressing out of soda sometimes and its pretty good so this just saves me time putting the garlic in

    Cup CatCup Cat27 dni temu
  • 14:34 Adora’s twin brother everybody

    Tahrae The storytellerTahrae The storyteller28 dni temu
  • Oh, he wished for a bigger co-

    Tahrae The storytellerTahrae The storyteller28 dni temu
  • 2:11 My kitchen is carpeted, it's horrible

    A Lizard Named Yo-YoA Lizard Named Yo-Yo29 dni temu