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29 wrz 2020
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  • I literally just got an ad for cyber punk 2077

    Xerobrine_High_ElderXerobrine_High_Elder2 dni temu
  • 5:50 that some "guy" is Mike Rowe, star in the discovery channel show "Dirty Jobs" love that guy

    BlocksTheNameBlocksTheName7 dni temu
  • 2:48 I love Carson's responses he's like *What Why Are You Doing this?*

    GreenGlitch 7858GreenGlitch 78588 dni temu
  • I had to go over to lockpickinglaywer鈥檚 channel when you said it was disabled, thank god it wasnt

    Gonk DroidGonk Droid9 dni temu
  • Oh, we've experienced theft and it being resold. From a boat that drifted off. Oof.

    Fish TacoFish Taco11 dni temu
  • Hey does anyone likes cupcake? Check out my playlist of the cupcake recipe I recommend it's very good.

    Justa NormalpersonJusta Normalperson11 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/lIGuaN2fjpm9lbQ/wideo.html

    Luna the wolfLuna the wolf11 dni temu
    • Hehe

      Luna the wolfLuna the wolf11 dni temu
  • 0:12 I feel offended

    Upsilon FourUpsilon Four11 dni temu
  • Young 馃 OGO

    Lucas AguilarLucas Aguilar14 dni temu
  • 1:45 LIES

    Krysio100Krysio10014 dni temu
  • Liked because I was called a scrumptious quesadilla lol

    Lucia SantillanLucia Santillan14 dni temu
  • Am i a madlad if i switched my dads drink from beer to bleach? 馃槩馃槑

    Fake 2ooFake 2oo16 dni temu
  • Woah one giant onion is on emkay sick

    stupid fatstupid fat17 dni temu
  • Did you iust... call me a... quesadilla?

    FinalPhantasmFinalPhantasm18 dni temu
  • thank you for the kiss. i appreciated it. :3

    Shota FemboyShota Femboy21 dzie艅 temu
  • All of you guys are simping on Jack's voice while I'm here worried for my boy Carson why did Mia Malkova try to make him her boyfriend? Timestamp: 2:46

    [Re] [Dacted][Re] [Dacted]26 dni temu
  • hydrohommies more like hydrahommies edit 8:14 HAIL HYDRA

    Shadowflamez_revengeShadowflamez_revenge26 dni temu
  • i did not watch anothe EmKay video

    aeroaero26 dni temu
  • When an american trys insulting britain then some britain has a comeback it just slightly annoys me Ps:I'm asian

    Fake TurquoiseFake Turquoise27 dni temu
  • You guys smack rats?

    Sebastian GoodwinSebastian Goodwin27 dni temu
  • Yum I鈥檓 a scrumptious quesadilla

    Faisal BouarkiFaisal BouarkiMiesi膮c temu
  • Just gotta say dis when the add poped up while watching this vid it was like a add can't explain it but I'll do it [ something what if I can't run u walk and if I can't walk u swim] for some reason dis poped in my head can't walk then sit on a wheelchair but instead they add swimm like wahh?

    Samuel SongSamuel SongMiesi膮c temu
  • I鈥檓 going to reply to this comment in one year. Jokes on you I鈥檓 never gonna do it

    Potato ManPotato ManMiesi膮c temu
  • 6:53 How?? I'm on my laptop 24/7. Maybe it's because i'm normally watching YT.

    ItssMidnightStar WolfXItssMidnightStar WolfXMiesi膮c temu
  • Today u took 3 vitamin gummies instead of 2

    Get CrusadedGet CrusadedMiesi膮c temu
  • Don't worry if you're gonna come camp out here the dingo's will only take your baby

    Cataclysm KingCataclysm KingMiesi膮c temu
  • what if i dont subscribe hit the like button and turn on post notifications huh... what are you gonna do!!!

    BananaHammerBananaHammerMiesi膮c temu
  • Sadly guns do not kill people do

    Hyper lagacyHyper lagacyMiesi膮c temu
  • I hate Isabelle and doom guy beeing friends. It makes no sense why Isabelle it should be tom nook shes no longer the mascot. Also why do people think Isabelle actually is drinking scotch what are you stupid who drinks scotch at 8:00 AM ITS OBVIOUSLY ICE TEA YOU IDIOTIC CRUMPETS.

    shmeep pattooshmeep pattooMiesi膮c temu
  • Hello A public embarrassment I鈥檓 Iced Vanilla Flavor

    Iced Vanilla FlavorIced Vanilla FlavorMiesi膮c temu
  • XD thanks boo xx I love that XD

    Cassandra WrennCassandra WrennMiesi膮c temu
  • Jack: youve been a lovely person to talk to today me: :)

    Brittany ChowBrittany ChowMiesi膮c temu
  • 4:13 deltarune!?!?!??!! on redit!?!?!?!? n0 w3y!!!脳!!$

    Melissa SimsMelissa SimsMiesi膮c temu
  • i play 4 to 10 hours a day or 15 hours how have that not happen to me

    Johnathan TrappJohnathan TrappMiesi膮c temu
  • You just can't put picture of GASTON when here is a simp for him, I usually forget how to breathe when I see him, And it's only 2 mins- Is this how you wanna kill me? (Yes- That is the best possible way to die so- Go ahead 馃憗锔忋帮笍馃憗锔)

    Gaston SimpGaston SimpMiesi膮c temu
  • E

    John AreiasJohn AreiasMiesi膮c temu
  • 7:06 you pronounce 鈥淴iaobin鈥 as Sh-aw-bin but with an accent.

    { `Takanobu Aone` }{ `Takanobu Aone` }Miesi膮c temu
  • 2:37 how can he even pull the trigger on a gun if his f***ing son beats him in an armwrestling match

    T DT DMiesi膮c temu
  • Carlson was the real anti simp

    Pipe SilvaPipe SilvaMiesi膮c temu
  • I鈥檓 watching this past my bedtime 馃槑馃槑

    Boom BoiBoom BoiMiesi膮c temu
  • srsly only 45 minutes of holding poop to not destroy the vibe bro i held in a poop for a day to not destroy the vibe then went on till it was 3 weeks past

    NoobInTheSuitNoobInTheSuitMiesi膮c temu
  • Reee

    Dev KirdDev KirdMiesi膮c temu
  • I鈥檓 the *real* mad lad, i read the whole terms and conditions just to press decline after.

    jianzhen yanjianzhen yanMiesi膮c temu
  • 6:53 Rookie numbers

    Barak ObungaBarak Obunga2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Excuse me, to point out, the person replying to that woman 鈥淛ennifer鈥 was mike Rowe, he used to run a tv show called dirty jobs, where he went and worked a day in hard or disgusting jobs, and thought people about them, and respecting others jobs no matter how nitty-gritty they might seem, Mike Rowe had the best show ever, I watched as long as I can remember, and it disappoints me that it鈥檚 so hard to find anywhere anymore, it disappeared like many other amaizing tv shows, and all that鈥檚 left is the episodes on cd, I could go into detail, but I鈥檓 not going to, mike Rowe is one of the greatest people to ever greet tv with his presence, and I am a huge fan

    Candy CadateCandy Cadate2 miesi臋cy temu
  • plworld.info/show/pJxspdbZoZHblJM/wideo.html&ab_channel=gomotion go to the seventh comment and look at the reply's

    Astro FritzAstro Fritz2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Chinese sweat shop or Chinese Disney world

    XmanXman2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Make reaction vedeo?

    John john CajipeJohn john Cajipe2 miesi臋cy temu
  • holy shit, chat is a fucking madlad

    Josh Francis YatcoJosh Francis Yatco2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Bruh how did that 1 star review guy have same name as me weird

    Waleed AWaleed A2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 0:48 that was smoth

    EFNEFN2 miesi臋cy temu
  • aw thonk u for za little kiss :3

    Dear HRSDear HRS2 miesi臋cy temu

    Oxheasa ?Oxheasa ?2 miesi臋cy temu

    Cursed ToadCursed Toad2 miesi臋cy temu
  • I鈥檓 in Australia so I could read it fine

    Lewis LakeLewis Lake2 miesi臋cy temu
  • i didnt edit this comment but all the replies still dont make sense

    Ellie Fresh!Ellie Fresh!2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 鈥淗ello you scrumptious quesadilla鈥 **dies inside because that鈥檚 the only complement I鈥檝e ever been told**

    ZWRulezZWRulez2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 22 hours a day playing video games? PATHETIC 29 HOURS

    I like dogsI like dogs2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 10:57 I can鈥檛 with American people they need to CHILL with the hamburgers

    BAK Robert JohnstonBAK Robert Johnston2 miesi臋cy temu
  • What

    StormBreaker ZXLStormBreaker ZXL2 miesi臋cy temu
  • He did it plworld.info/show/lWiher2omae2pag/wideo.html I can鈥檛 believe it

    Frost LordFrost Lord2 miesi臋cy temu
  • hey public embarrassment!

    Machiel van DijkMachiel van Dijk2 miesi臋cy temu
  • I'm just watching this too pass the time, it's good

    Ushinawareta Imi- -DistruzioneUshinawareta Imi- -Distruzione2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Madlad manager = madladager

    Dan The DudeDan The Dude2 miesi臋cy temu
  • racist femboy is the mvp of this video change my mind

    Im Just A noobIm Just A noob2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Why. Are. You. So. Freaking. Funny? 0^ 0 you are the best you always lighten up my day, Thank you so much!! :7

    XxSilence* GachaxXXxSilence* GachaxX2 miesi臋cy temu
  • I want cheese

    swedishfistswedishfist2 miesi臋cy temu
  • I went to a zoo and there was a sign that said "dont put fingers thru the fence" so I did the only logical thing and put one of my fingers on the fence and took a photo with the sign in veiw. it was on a casuarie (big deadly bird) enclosure

    FreakMasterFreakMaster2 miesi臋cy temu
  • That kid is who takes a bite out of a onions

    Decarius KiblerDecarius Kibler2 miesi臋cy temu
  • "if I know my condiments, then that sounds like a-salt"

    Prince FoxPrince Fox2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 8:14 who else immediately thought of lion king?

    Austin HoldenAustin Holden2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Did.. did he say the R-Slur?

    trash roblox videostrash roblox videos2 miesi臋cy temu
  • i vbannttt yyyyyy

    Purr PowerPurr Power2 miesi臋cy temu

    Szymcio GamingSzymcio Gaming2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 177013

    脽adassElSkyflyio脽adassElSkyflyio2 miesi臋cy temu

    鐜夌殑榫橨ade the Drag酶n鐜夌殑榫橨ade the Drag酶n2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Germany's a good camping place tho.

    nn2 miesi臋cy temu
  • This video has inspired me to turn out the lights in my garage and walk slowly back in

    S P O O K Y S K E L E T O NS P O O K Y S K E L E T O N2 miesi臋cy temu
  • I love the person that asked what Grindr is because his pfp is my favorite Decepticon Soundwave

    Hayman WooHayman Woo2 miesi臋cy temu
  • I was playing a game and watching this in the background and not paying too much mind to it then jack burts out at 11:34 and i turn my head and say 鈥渃ool he鈥檚 talking about the users name鈥 then i turn back to my screen and he says 11:38 and i look back at my screen like 鈥淓XCUSE ME鈥

    loshiloshi2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 1:43 are you sponsored by LPL? :D Smooth af xD

    M膩rti艈拧 DmitrijevsM膩rti艈拧 Dmitrijevs2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 6:53 Them's rookie numbers, lad. Gotta get those numbers up.

    Siris DenhamSiris Denham2 miesi臋cy temu
  • How do I like a thumbnail?

    Thymen Da klerkThymen Da klerk2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Hello public embarrasment

    Tim CarterTim Carter2 miesi臋cy temu
  • *a*

    spank e spankspank e spank2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 1:48 plworld.info/post/m9K6rby98W8JigLoZOh6FQ.html He hasn't died yet.

    _ Muppelpuppel __ Muppelpuppel _2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 0:33 I鈥檇 call the police on them , damn why you french kidding someone without their consent ???

    Catastrophic Mid-life crisisCatastrophic Mid-life crisis2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 馃槑 馃槑 馃槑 馃槑 馃槑 馃槑 馃槑

    Kono pikachu da!!Kono pikachu da!!2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 4:44 keep that away from Kira yoshikage

    loriku123 beastloriku123 beast2 miesi臋cy temu
  • That last one is the truest MadLad

    Shane EspinozaShane Espinoza2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 0:48 sounds like he is quoting linus from linus tech tips

    beastshark gamingbeastshark gaming2 miesi臋cy temu

    penguinpenguin2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Brb gonna watch sherk 5

    Luis OrtizLuis Ortiz2 miesi臋cy temu
  • E

    Poopa ScoopaPoopa Scoopa2 miesi臋cy temu
  • 1:45 LIAR

    The Phone GuyThe Phone Guy2 miesi臋cy temu
  • shoot me

    銈偑銈儫銈儊銉olf's Gacha銈偑銈儫銈儊銉olf's Gacha2 miesi臋cy temu
  • The Americans are still awake.

    Jeffrey GuinnJeffrey Guinn2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Why are people afraid of going upstairs after turning off the lights? I never turn the lights on in the first place, so there's nothing to turn off :D

    Justin XDJustin XD2 miesi臋cy temu
  • mebecomingcasidea.mp4

    Seth GrenzigSeth Grenzig2 miesi臋cy temu
  • I call my friends a public embarrassment!!!

    Jared JaMMsTeEIneJared JaMMsTeEIne2 miesi臋cy temu