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10 lis 2020
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  • y'know i think r/meirl are just slightly threatening memes

    angry cowangry cowDzień temu
  • It’s how I found emkay

    Hunter AsburyHunter AsburyDzień temu
  • Robin:Wellcome back to emkay What and actual robin hears: chirp chirp chirp chirp

    SargeantSword VideoSargeantSword VideoDzień temu
  • 1:35 I think I just downloaded every personality from Jojo's bizarre adventure main character and mixed it up to make mine, sometimes. edit : typo

    IDK BROIDK BRO2 dni temu
  • 1:54 I’m still confused

    I’m A ButterflyI’m A Butterfly2 dni temu
  • All jokes aside, robin’s sonic impression is the best I have ever heard

    BobbySauceBobbySauce2 dni temu
  • the f in frog stands for what the fuck is going on in the comment bellow me

    VortexeVortexe3 dni temu
  • "Where do you want to go "

    Ben CamachoBen Camacho3 dni temu
  • i found this channel when i thought it was a giofilms video

    Omar m. NokibOmar m. Nokib4 dni temu
  • I found EmKay as a recommendation from a gaming channel

    The PuppetThe Puppet4 dni temu
  • The pot hole 1 had me dying my whole city is a pot hole

    ŤBĪ tokyo's 6ŤBĪ tokyo's 64 dni temu
  • the other day I bought some chocolate but it melted in its packaging in my bag and the pack of jammy dodgers squished it and it set itself like that when I went back into the air conditioning and got way too thicc to bite or break pieces off so now I'm alone in my bedroom watching youtube and eating chocolate with a friggin fruit knife

    Mars the Flat BrokeMars the Flat Broke5 dni temu
  • ah the number 4

    communist soapcommunist soap5 dni temu
  • the one with the person looking for the meme is the same one of my friends sent all my friends

    communist soapcommunist soap5 dni temu
  • 6:43 I actually have a test tmr thanks for reminding me.

    SaitamaPlaysGamesSaitamaPlaysGames6 dni temu
  • Oklahoma: 11:50

    Southern Oklahoma MoparsSouthern Oklahoma Mopars6 dni temu
  • Bro 69 is dead it’s now ea (69 is still funny tho)

    Pepper RobertsonPepper Robertson6 dni temu
  • when he said the thing ab mexican restaurants I got really happy bc thank u sir for saying our food is good😌

    moth's mischiefmoth's mischief6 dni temu
  • You would be correct, that is exactly how I got here. Lol feel called out however It’s definitely Safe to say I am a fan now^^

    ZZzinsomnianation zZZZZzinsomnianation zZZ7 dni temu
  • at 6:40 I totally git it because I found this channel when I was watching amine. Like WTF.

    WikedWolf 20WikedWolf 207 dni temu
  • This video has been reported to the AFHA due to furry hate. please take down timestamp 15:38 through 15:41. If you do not, the AFHA will give you a fine of $500,000 or 6 months jail time. Furry hate is a crime, learn more at anti-furry-hate-alliance.weebly.com/end-furry-hate.html

    Fabio NPFabio NP7 dni temu
  • Froj lmao

    honker bonkerhonker bonker9 dni temu
  • 8:42 I got to 69,420 chiken nugits and I pooped

    Ray & Amber Reyes & MethRay & Amber Reyes & Meth9 dni temu
  • I thought it was coke milk too

    TheCoolishMonkeTheCoolishMonke9 dni temu
  • 6:46 Yeah you're right i saw this video in my recommendation and I'm very entertained I'm anew subscriber keep up the good work

    Geo GamingGeo Gaming10 dni temu
  • Omg that's actually how I got here. I was watching piemations that vids and then I got here. :)

    Yeetus Deletus 69Yeetus Deletus 6910 dni temu
  • seems like how i join

    Win arsihWin arsih11 dni temu
  • Me who wakes up at 3 or 1 am: *foolish mortals*

    Distya Fihinna GitrieDistya Fihinna Gitrie11 dni temu
  • 1:03 is me, should I be concerned?

    Wade JohnsonWade Johnson12 dni temu
  • 15:41 wait, they..... they hate furrys?

    Dualblitz OPDualblitz OP13 dni temu
  • Robin kinda reminds me of Emmet

    Im ComfyIm Comfy13 dni temu
  • wait... it wasnt supposed to be coke milk?? *sound of woosting over my head again*

    YokoChanNeYokoChanNe13 dni temu
  • the f in frog stands for friendship the r in frog stands for respect the o in frog stands for optimism the g in frog stands for great

    ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ13 dni temu
  • Ah yes the map of the motherland.

    Darkwater DeepDarkwater Deep14 dni temu
  • Unhsnsunsunsnsnjsxwin iw snxinsx j w

    Anaya NandAnaya Nand14 dni temu
  • 14:28 Fun fact toast is the only food that is purposely burnt

    A GermanA German14 dni temu
  • 9:41 I actually used to do this

    Official Rat GamingOfficial Rat Gaming15 dni temu
  • 6:55- they caught me

    iwant cupcakeiwant cupcake15 dni temu
  • I always wonder why Robin doesn’t have a catch phrase and I always say in my head “Hey it’s me Robin, Let’s go bobbing through r/me_irl” lmao

    WhatIsForgotenWhatIsForgoten15 dni temu

    YT_ BreakingPointYT_ BreakingPoint15 dni temu
  • the piemations joke is true, if you flip it around, i was watching this and ran into piemations

    ruthanne wilbergruthanne wilberg15 dni temu
  • Honestly I did find emkay through the yt wormhole

    Xx_Venom_Slayer_1_xX ytXx_Venom_Slayer_1_xX yt15 dni temu
  • Hello, Robin! Are you scared of my floof? **nuzzles your cheek** UwU Y U scared hooman? **Growls seductively**

    •Aspen San••Aspen San•15 dni temu
  • Eiffel 65 😂

    evonekkyevonekky15 dni temu
  • 6:52 why is that true

    Awesome DawsonAwesome Dawson15 dni temu
  • 1:55 i dont get this shit someon explain

    SBworksSBworks15 dni temu
  • 3:31 5.16 inches is the average and jm just confused i thought it was bigger cuz like come on really only 5 inches

    TOXIC 28TOXIC 2816 dni temu
  • 6:06 Didn't think I was going to get called out today

    The SleepinmokeyThe Sleepinmokey16 dni temu
  • Homophobe: guess what I saw at the lake today Friend: what did you see? Homophobe: A Fro Friend: A what? Homophobe: you know, the green hopping things Friend: you mean a frog? Homophobe: *starts melting*

    OhItsJamesOhItsJames16 dni temu
  • Doctor: all dreams have meanings My dreams: *my hair is short * Fuck having a hair crisis does this mean I should cut it?..

    A MarshmelloA Marshmello16 dni temu
  • 8:39 My fatass: I'm gonna exceed my limits today

    Christi e noob laChristi e noob la16 dni temu
  • 8:35

    Not TavrosNot Tavros16 dni temu
  • 1:12 is why I can't watch this channel in public

    bear sattbear satt16 dni temu
  • 11:46 Michigan in a nutshell

    Justice TozziJustice Tozzi16 dni temu
  • Me looks around uneasily, "That's not how I found this channel at all...." he he he...

    Undertale Kitty KatUndertale Kitty Kat16 dni temu
  • 2:39 Koenigsegg owners can

    TwobitsTwobits16 dni temu
  • 6:48 HE KNOWS!

    MistyBlue094MistyBlue09416 dni temu
  • Wait if it isn't coke milk, what is it?

    Gheto knightGheto knight17 dni temu
  • 10:48 Me when I hear my step dad yelling again and I pause whatever I'm watching to either see what he's mad about or if my mom is crying:

    galaxy dragongalaxy dragon17 dni temu
  • 1:39, take a guess who... A second later, MY EMPLOYER

    Angelina SchwarzAngelina Schwarz17 dni temu
  • i think we all know where robin got his character from damien

    GTNytGTNyt17 dni temu
  • I zone out on my dirt bike and quad all the time and how am I still alive how have I not died yet? And it’s snowing... *GREAT JOB EARTH I HAVE SCHOOL IN THAT AND I HAVE TO QUAD UP TO MY BUS STOP JUST GREAT CANADIAN CLIMATE* broke ass teenager problems

    extremegamer807extremegamer80717 dni temu
  • Fun fact: emkay showed up in my recommendations when Damien was still doing it and I’ve watched this ever since. It’s been a year and a half now

    Javier MorganJavier Morgan17 dni temu
  • The casa Bonita line made me choke on my food. CO proud.

    M BM B17 dni temu

    The RivalThe Rival17 dni temu
  • Who else coughs when the q tip goes too far into your ear.

    The Yeet CorgiThe Yeet Corgi17 dni temu
  • "Unless you're going to Casa Bonita." HELLO FELLOW COLORADO NATIVE

    OwlOwl17 dni temu
  • Those cicken nugets Numbers are rokie Numbers bomb IT up by 120974027662047910478902749202985683920579209474920 than you have one happy? Also if i Get that many its Also no more chickens or hens or cocks in the world and no money on anyone else than atoruty

    Kai LiakerKai Liaker18 dni temu
  • (6:05) Similar to; turns on science based PLworld video. It's using Imperial units.

    LiggliluffLiggliluff18 dni temu
  • Robin: that PLworld wormhole is insane you were probably watching a pimations video next your watching mkay Me: HOW DID HE KNOW?!?!

    goldenpvp1126goldenpvp112618 dni temu
  • 1:52 I D O N ' T G E T I T . . .

    Gaming Blood CellsGaming Blood Cells18 dni temu
  • 5:40 no just no

    lucid plaZlucid plaZ18 dni temu
  • Robin:"Guess which character my personality was downloaded from" Me: Karen Smith from Mean Girls (that's the stupid one in the plastics)

    Greely PlayzGreely Playz18 dni temu
  • 1:59 me: -however, i can throw this oval ball really far! college: -you son of a bitch, you`re in!

    Alan MagnussenAlan Magnussen18 dni temu
  • If you get the 20 pieces from Mcdonalds at it would cost you $103.25. That 413 nuggets % 20 in a pack times $5 each.

    Felicia PeaseFelicia Pease18 dni temu
    • 642 cost $160

      Felicia PeaseFelicia Pease18 dni temu
  • 15:38 and this is a bad thing?

    Cinnamon Da FoxCinnamon Da Fox18 dni temu
  • "People who wake up at 6am are just as crazed as people who stay up untile 6am" Me who woke up at 5am: hehe

    AmQuasiAmQuasi18 dni temu
  • 0:00 sorry I needed a replqy

    Percyjackson IsherePercyjackson Ishere18 dni temu
  • ... soo that actually is how I found this channel...

    Justice McWilliamsJustice McWilliams18 dni temu
  • Hi Robin!

    ThomasTanker02ThomasTanker0218 dni temu
  • Fun fact: the frogs were always gay, the frog just makes them more gay

    HmmmHmmm18 dni temu
  • I perfer Robin than the others.

    Alex BeverlyAlex Beverly18 dni temu
  • Frog stands for Forever Rely On God. My aunt used to love frogs and ever since she passed away almost everyone in my family has a frog tattoo somewhere on their body. Plus my mom has bunch frogs in her flower bed/garden. RIP Deanna xoxo

    VaBeach BeachVaBeach Beach18 dni temu

    Jai WilliamsJai Williams18 dni temu
  • This is Me

    WebKarmaWebKarma18 dni temu
  • *hes heading to morrowind*

    Used Paper TowelUsed Paper Towel18 dni temu
  • 8:44 only 642 chicken nuggets that's pathetic I could eat 3,333 chicken nuggets also I'm 12

    random gamingrandom gaming18 dni temu
  • 1:52 i was sitting for a minute trying to figure out what it is

    Stockton WittonStockton Witton18 dni temu
  • 1:38 bill cosby

    Waffle_ MixpancakesWaffle_ Mixpancakes18 dni temu
  • who's hand did you take for the symbol on the profile picture?

    *xXsleepyXx**xXsleepyXx*18 dni temu
  • 6:52 Is this a personal attack or something?

    Magi VMagi V18 dni temu
  • Random fact I was listening to a horror narration then emkay started playing on auto play. I've been here ever since

    Clockwork PuppetClockwork Puppet19 dni temu
  • 6:54 piemations is a channel which animates videos from a channel called msbreezy which Damien was a part of

    aarontheepicgamer 2 oh my le epic Ireneaarontheepicgamer 2 oh my le epic Irene19 dni temu
  • He watched an emkay video, obviously.

    SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy19 dni temu
  • 9:55 i live in norway

    crazy guycrazy guy19 dni temu
  • bread is raw toast and dough is raw bread

    Ash FireAsh Fire19 dni temu
  • 6:50 same

    minecraft gamesminecraft games19 dni temu
  • Holy fuck I've been to that chinese restaurant, it had really good noodles

    Jamie WoodJamie Wood19 dni temu
  • I like how he hates furries. He is a man of culture as well.

    TheUniversalEclipseTheUniversalEclipse19 dni temu
  • aaaahhhhhh Casa Bonita! I didn't know you were in Colorado! I dont think anyone else is going to get that joke lol

    EmilyCLColoradoEmilyCLColorado19 dni temu