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1 paź 2020
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  • 5:51 *infinite ikea*

    AmongLostAmongLostGodzinę temu
  • Feel bad for America? THEN WHY ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF IT!?😭😭

    Space InvaderSpace InvaderGodzinę temu
  • Peanuts

    Gabby TurturroGabby Turturro10 godzin temu
  • 4:40 Ha jokes on you, i cant even hear the birds when i need to get up

    Midnight DarkstarMidnight Darkstar11 godzin temu
  • Peanuts or something

    Cory BlumeCory Blume12 godzin temu
  • Peanuts

    Lunar_MemoriesLunar_Memories15 godzin temu
    • Okay so it turns out I posted the same exact thing a month ago - I really do watch everything repeatedly

      Lunar_MemoriesLunar_Memories15 godzin temu
  • 5:45 this is a SCP-3008 reference

    sdrfox gamingsdrfox gaming18 godzin temu
  • i'm gonna eat dinner now back in 10 years

    Alvin TillebeckAlvin Tillebeck20 godzin temu
  • Peanuts

    FailtheblankFailtheblank21 godzinę temu
  • E

    A Guy That Comments E On Every Video He FindsA Guy That Comments E On Every Video He Finds22 godzin temu
  • peanut

    IncrediGamerCo the EboeIncrediGamerCo the Eboe22 godzin temu
  • Wait we are all polish ????

    Zachary RZachary R22 godzin temu
  • Uhhhhh Peanuts

    A WilsonA WilsonDzień temu
  • Peanuts

    manspejmanspejDzień temu
  • Jack the snack is back and ready to fight back

    That One Random Goose ¿That One Random Goose ¿Dzień temu
  • Peanuts

    Ked ChinKed ChinDzień temu
  • Haha I don’t have to learn My grandma does it

    Ivan HerenIvan HerenDzień temu
    • The banana bread

      Ivan HerenIvan HerenDzień temu
  • 7:42 ah, yes, i can agree, it is literally hell down here

    Foxe The DeveloperFoxe The DeveloperDzień temu
  • peanuts

    Hidebook LPHidebook LPDzień temu
  • 0:36 That’s really going to pith you off

    ThatonecanadiankidThatonecanadiankidDzień temu
  • If I were to date a vegan I'd tell them I respect their choices but I won't be made to abide by them.

    BradknightableBradknightableDzień temu
  • 10:08, you know your talking about the youtube god of Police Reviews and Police lol

    Jack PalazzolaJack PalazzolaDzień temu
  • Peanuts

    Matthew HurleyMatthew Hurley2 dni temu
  • Im trying to keep the memory of the accounts ive created for my mom sister and aunt cause they cant even make a password,the system wont let them cause it requires atleast one symbol number caps or small letters,good thing theres such thing as screenshots

    Steven LorenzoSteven Lorenzo2 dni temu
  • peanuts

    DoodleBoy 172DoodleBoy 1722 dni temu
  • Peanutssssss

    xXMegaDragonXxxXMegaDragonXx2 dni temu
  • Peanuts 🥜

    spongebobsjellyfishspongebobsjellyfish2 dni temu
  • peanuts

    Minecraft ZombieMinecraft Zombie2 dni temu
  • The 2 black kids in the meme are actually fully grown actors and are both super famous in Nigeria

    Depressed _SpongeDepressed _Sponge2 dni temu
  • Peanuts 🥜

    nastyy Papnastyy Pap3 dni temu
  • 5:03

    Tf2 is godTf2 is god3 dni temu
    • 5:04

      Tf2 is godTf2 is god3 dni temu
  • Peanuts 🥜

    George XGeorge X3 dni temu
  • peanuts

    Amari and Hayden vidsAmari and Hayden vids3 dni temu
  • peanutes

    Elliot ExistsElliot Exists3 dni temu
  • I still like the video tho

    Riley SmithRiley Smith3 dni temu
  • 9:10 it's funny when the teacher is marking your work and puts "I don't know how you got the answer but it's correct"

    camokilercamokiler3 dni temu
  • peanuts, i don't know. something to prove it.

    VW OklahomaVW Oklahoma3 dni temu
  • I saw that gengar in a pokemon journeys episode

    Flair258Flair2584 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    The Fox 793The Fox 7934 dni temu
  • The sleeping gas? I don’t feel anything In fact i fe- *shleeps*

    YeeBoiTANK_FNYeeBoiTANK_FN4 dni temu
  • banana bread hah thats nonthing compared to banana kecthup

    sean wesley albertosean wesley alberto4 dni temu
  • His name is Jack and he will give you a smack

    Ember HydraEmber Hydra4 dni temu
  • it’s called the tesla bladerunner

    Logan CurranLogan Curran4 dni temu
  • Wait...... Jack... is FakeJake on PLworld 😱😱😱😱

    Regi BRegi B4 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    shade aid_Aidmax1 in fortniteshade aid_Aidmax1 in fortnite4 dni temu
  • Peennuts

    Mahama Dog leeMahama Dog lee4 dni temu
  • 7:22 his French accent sounds like a scuffed Japanese that wiabus speak

    Kirk KrassmanKirk Krassman5 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Lemon WizardLemon Wizard5 dni temu
  • "Say peanuts or something to prove it" peanuts or something

    Cade!Cade!5 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Austin The gamerAustin The gamer5 dni temu
  • Peanut

    Anime WeebAnime Weeb5 dni temu
  • Each enjoy narrators be like Damien:the ledgendary hand headed one Zach: a guy wearing a hand mask trying to be like Damien Robin:a bird that’s decided to turn his life around Jack:he’s just there Lexi:a half human cat hybrid that also wants to narrate videos Together they form the emkay crew

    The Wild GuessThe Wild Guess5 dni temu
  • Hey, did you get a photo of me, no one’s supposed to know I’m Gengar.

    GooseGoose5 dni temu
  • peanut

    Life of OofLife of Oof5 dni temu

    Sam RaspySam Raspy5 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    GenericNerd StudiosGenericNerd Studios6 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Surup MapleSurup Maple6 dni temu
  • peanuts

    lovebird miclovebird mic6 dni temu
  • peanuts

    Lethal MisfitLethal Misfit7 dni temu
  • '' Peanuts I don't know just something to prove it ''

    trt trtsontrt trtson7 dni temu
  • P E A N U T S

    Jœ7 dni temu
  • Please don't hesitate to make fun of the US, I live here and I want to move to Australia, idc anymore

    Bizarre JoJo StuffBizarre JoJo Stuff7 dni temu
  • clickbait, but considering how hard I am to get offended, I forgive you

    why are you gaywhy are you gay7 dni temu
  • Everyone wants to be offended so I'm just gonna say 7 white men were killed by police no one blinked, 1 black man was killed by the police and everyone was screaming their heads off about racism and how could they do that...

    RyzechRyzech7 dni temu
  • jack siad so peanuts

    Family ArmisteadFamily Armistead8 dni temu
    • sorry i made a mistake

      Family ArmisteadFamily Armistead8 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Perhaps CowPerhaps Cow8 dni temu
  • Ey how do yall like your peanuts?

    Joshua RoosJoshua Roos8 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Hydro !Hydro !8 dni temu
  • I clicked immediately and got an ad, I’m offended, you did it (Edit, make that 2 ads in a row) (Second edit, WTF IN THE NEXT 30 SECONDS I GOT 2 MORE ADS!)

    Charles CalvinCharles Calvin8 dni temu
  • The thumbnail: vegan being disappointed Vegan: can you be more respectful and give me some vegan food? Me: maybe you can be more respectful and enjoy your food.

    Chiko NikoChiko Niko8 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Shannon EhlertShannon Ehlert8 dni temu
  • Did anyone see this the fortnite season any untill 6 is just poland

    Nathan SitekNathan Sitek8 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Joseph GuillenJoseph Guillen9 dni temu
  • "Something to prove it hahah!" I did the thing do I win?

    Natty TheGypseNatty TheGypse9 dni temu
  • In Russia Dinosaurs don't eat you you eat dinosaurs

    Jeff FortcraftJeff Fortcraft9 dni temu
  • Fun fact the cyber truck is actually a car because it's not body on frame

    Ravin RaptorRavin Raptor9 dni temu
  • Hey I must say however unless you are in China or Russia the USA will destroy you mostly

    Darth_ NathosDarth_ Nathos10 dni temu
  • 1:13 all cops ain’t bad tho

    Professional BanditProfessional Bandit10 dni temu
  • Peanutssss🙂

    KAYLEE MCKAYLEE MC10 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Nino LazićNino Lazić10 dni temu
  • Ok

    McTwizzle ϟMcTwizzle ϟ10 dni temu

    1niyc6i8bxse1niyc6i8bxse10 dni temu
  • At 5:00 they know how it tastes because a common method to distingues amourphous bone chunk from a piece of rock is licking it. If it's bone, it will stick to their tounge, if it's rock it just falls.

    Csendes DávidCsendes Dávid10 dni temu
  • The Joy in Post Malone Face Because He Got To Pet A Jaguar Or Lepord im Not Sure

    Ragged LionRagged Lion11 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Anonymous ManAnonymous Man11 dni temu
  • *I guess the sleeping gas didint work this time...* bish, GIB ME MOARE!

    Mati KlMati Kl11 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Kcire FKcire F11 dni temu
  • His alien voice sounds like Whis autotuned underwater

    1withthelion1withthelion11 dni temu
  • peanuts. I feel stupid for actually writing it

    Flo&SoFlo&So12 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    TheMilkyWays WayTheMilkyWays Way12 dni temu

    Double ADouble A12 dni temu

    ThatOneDarkLatex TODLThatOneDarkLatex TODL12 dni temu
  • i once thought i was gonna get rick rolled but.... i got ralph rolled

    no anime crazy frog fffno anime crazy frog fff12 dni temu
  • Peanuts in the comments ❤❤❤

    Eleanor AddyEleanor Addy12 dni temu
  • Peanut

    Miguel CastellanosMiguel Castellanos13 dni temu
  • 2020 be like : P O S T A L O N E 2019 : post social

    Marcelo LofgrenMarcelo Lofgren13 dni temu
  • peanuts ok XD

    Hoang DinhHoang Dinh14 dni temu
  • Peanuts

    Xion the DarkXion the Dark14 dni temu
  • 8:11 that second one got me.. i mean he does scream alot 😂😂

    Litch The ShinigamiLitch The Shinigami14 dni temu
  • 8:10 Uhhh no You forgot light mode

    Random HumanRandom Human14 dni temu